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  • Dawn of Mythik Promo Pack

    Each Dawn of Mythik Promo Pack consists of 16 cards taken from the entire 200+ current card pool. Only 500 Dawn of Mythik Promo packs will ever be printed.

    These cards have the latest up-to-date card powers and incorporate the new ATK/DEF design with the axe and shield instead of the original ATK/DEF text.

    The cards themselves are printed with a protective UV coating which gives them a glossier look than the original prototypes.

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  • 3-Card Selection Pack

    If you are looking to build specific archetypes, the Selection Packs are for you. Selection Packs are essentially a precursor to the booster packs that will be released upon Mythik TCG's official launch later this year.

    Each Selection Pack consists of 2 cards selected from a specific core archetype and 1 random card from the entire card pool. Selection Packs are not officially wrapped packs because they are hand-selected from the pool of original prototypes.

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