Dawn of Mythik Promo Packs out now!

Limited edition Dawn of Mythik 16-card promo packs are available now. All cards in these packs are original Edition Zero cards and only 500 packs will ever be printed.



Dawn of Mythik Promo Pack

Get your hands on the first-ever Mythik card packs!

Each pack contains 16 unique Edition Zero Mythik trading cards.

Edition Zero is the designation for pre-release Mythik cards, before First Edition printing upon the official game release.

Access ultra-rare Tier III and Tier IV cards!

Every 10 packs, receive a Tier III Hidden-Rare card or a Tier IV Legend-Rare card.

All archetypes available in this promo pack!

While booster packs focus on one or two specific archetypes, the Dawn of Mythik promo pack takes cards from a pool of every available Mythik TCG card in the game!

Limited to only 500 packs!

Dawn of Mythik Edition Zero promo packs are limited to 500 and will never be released again once sold out.