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Mythik TCG

DAWN OF MYTHIK 16-Card Edition Zero Promo Pack

DAWN OF MYTHIK 16-Card Edition Zero Promo Pack

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Receive a wrapped pack of 16 Edition Zero pre-release prototype cards taken from the entire 200+ Mythik card pool. There will only ever be 500 Dawn of Mythik promo packs so get your hands on these exclusive limited edition packs now!



  • Each pack contains 16 unique Edition Zero Mythik trading cards. Mythik TCG booster packs that will be released upon the game's official launch will only be 13-card packs instead of 16 so get your hands on this super-pack now! Edition Zero is the designation for pre-release Mythik cards, before First Edition printing upon the official game release.
  • Get a chance to receive a Tier III Hidden-Rare card or a Tier IV Legend-Rare card. There is generally one Tier III every 10 packs.
  • Access all archetypes! While booster packs focus on one or two specific archetypes, the Dawn of Mythik promo pack takes cards from a pool of every available Mythik TCG card in the game!
  • Only 500 packs ever released! Dawn of Mythik Edition Zero promo packs are limited edition and will never be released again once sold out.
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